Regency Romance, One Perfect Moment

Regency Romance, One Perfect Moment, a short story in e-book by Amelia Fernside.

Plot: Mary-Anne is the young headstrong daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Berkley. She prefers riding astride horses, rather than as a proper lady and thus dresses accordingly on her early morning rides. On one of these rides her horse is frightened, rears and she is saved by a handsome young man with whom she seems to share an immediate intense ‘feeling’. He brings her home, finds and returns her horse and she does not see him again. As time passes she reaches marriageable age and her father selects the son of the Duke of Pasco, a member of the House of Lords who agrees with his political agenda and will aide him in passing a favorite agenda item. Mary-Anne cannot give up her dream of the handsome stranger who once saved her and balks at the marriage. Her brother, however, falls in love with the selectee’s sister. Mary-Anne’s handsome stranger again appears professing long existing love and a series of serendipitous occurrences bring the story to a satisfactory conclusion. Further detail would leave the prospective reader with nothing to read. It is a very short story. The last quarter of the book is devoted to excerpts from her other books.

Discussion: The author describes her acquired “love affair with the novels of Jane Austen and other British writers” and certainly has exhibited being strongly influence by at least one portion of Emily Brontë’s not particularly popular only novel which has become a classic. The Brontë sisters, in turn were greatly influenced by Scott, Wordsworth and other of the Romantic Poets. As a result, this is a pleasant ‘love story’ with little substance other than a partially grounded, slightly wraith-like classic romantic theme that individuals retaining this inclination will thoroughly adore. If you have a more pragmatic bent, this is ‘not your thing’.

3* 5* for wraith-like romance theme devotees; 3* or less, for others.

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