Rejected Letter

Rejected Letter, an e-book published, illustrated and written by Evisa Isabella Rose.

Introductory material by the author describes this little book as consisting “of motivational aphorisms and poetry about heartbreak, depression, trauma, love, self-love and self-empowerment.” The material is divided into three sections – Heartbroken Letters, Love Letters and Self-love letters. The substance of the book contains all of the material provided by much more lengthy offerings with varying, often quite erudite attempts to provide the identical lessons for self-help in elevating one’s ability to deal with adversity as well as other facets of life. This same material here is presented in a ‘laid back’, mostly brief but most charming approach that many readers no doubt will discover to be every bit as effective. Perhaps this may result from the author herself. One who simultaneously is a cartoonist, photographer and illustrator whose self-description includes “a bizarre mix of a delicate soul, a curious mind, a thirsty heart and a twisted sense of humor.”

To summarize, a set of helpful suggestions for dealing with life’s vicissitudes simply and charmingly presented with a fourth particularly fascinating message that suggests even further conjecture supplied after the book’s end.

5* A short ‘how-to’ book in a simple and charming ‘laid back’ manner.

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