Settling the Wind

Settling the Wind, Mountain Tack Publishing an e-book copyright and written by Kari August.

This is a novel “Based on True Stories in Frontier Colorado” and is the tale of a young woman who has just lost her husband and moved to the Colorado territory in 1875. Her family are concerned because she seemingly had been relatively sheltered, but having sufficient means, she had purchased a cabin, decided never again to become attached to another after loss of her great love, and decided to be an entirely independent woman. The story evolves as she encounters the hardships of attempting even to survive on a developing frontier. However, along the way she gathers a collection of stray and misfit animals as well as of a motley crew of individuals whom she forms into a formidable group of helpers; forges close bonds with other settlers and reencounters a childhood friend who is able to replace the lost husband. Her greatest problems stem from an Englishman who is attempting to claim all of the land she has, as well as that of some other settlers, a sneak attack by the drunken husband of a Cheyenne woman she has taken in, and birth of a child in most formidable circumstances.

Discussion: The author has set forth, in a quite pleasant manner, numerous amusing bits and charming stories based on the lives of some historic western settlers and their activities. Her depiction also of the protagonist as a’ nice’ person doing nice things and reaping the awards of such action is an additional enjoyable feature of the book. Her depiction of the harsh life faced by settlers of frontier country, as well as some of the protagonist’s activities, regrettably from this reviewer’s perspective, is another matter. Granted she has alluded to the never ending work required simply to live and to the rare occasion when sufficient time could be found to spend a few hours for a pleasant ‘get together’. Generally speaking however, the realities faced by early western territorial settlers are quite superficially presented.

Summary: Description of settlement in the ‘old west’ with a quite superficial presentation of the hardships but with abundant accompanying humorous scenes and an unusual romance.

4* For readers who enjoy historic romance minimizing harsher reality.





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