Sightseer’s Agency

Sightseer’s Agency
ISBN: 9781513607641, an e-book by Terry Tumbler is a tale examining a purportedly not too distant, hopefully mythical future for earth in a quasi-humorous fashion.

Richard Pencil is a man of most capable administrative abilities as well as innumerable ‘other-worldly’ abilities that make him a talented field operative as well. He also is quite a good looking man, highly sexually oriented, egotistical and somewhat of a chauvinist. He is leaving the CIA to report to the Deaduction Agency and its director, Joe Fraser, a man with great management skills but none of the paranormal skills required of an operative in this time of earth’s needs. Richard has been assigned to establish The Sightseer’s Agency to ferret out activities of earth dwellers who “do not adhere to the highest standards of integrity and openness of the New On-Demand Meritocracy under which our society is governed”. He opens the agency and acquires several associates – Plum Duff, a most attractive part alien psychic, along with multi-paranormal-talented Spiff, Ted and Seb and they commence their ‘house cleaning’ activity. Additionally, earth has been subjected to aliens who have engineered some helpful changes but now are indulging in abusive activities that no longer can be endured and the agency’s operatives attack this problem in a surreptitious manner that adds greatly to the rousing content and pace of the story.

Discussion: The author most interestingly has employed 1) the seldom used cavity (Schumann’s) formed by the earth’s surface and the ionosphere where resonances are a set of spectrum peaks in the very low frequency of the spectrum of earth’s electromagnetic field and 2) has been another to refer recently to the growing re-interest in the work of Nikola Tesla, the brilliant innovator of the late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s. AND he has provided a fanciful picture of earth in its future attempts to attain an idyllic society from one that is fraught with alien as well as internal challenges. He has accomplished his goal by stringing together a number of somewhat loosely attached vignettes mostly peopled by individuals having various psychic powers including clairvoyance, telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis, freeze time, magnetic propulsion, ability to stop destructive incoming objects, etc. The pace is good and the story is most interesting to the sci-fi and/or fantasy genres devotee.

Conclusion: For this reader, an attempt to provide greater cohesiveness to the story’s rather fragmented presentation of loosely interwoven vignettes would have greatly enhanced the overall attractiveness of the story.

3*     4* Interesting futuristic earth story; 3* for this reviewer as explained.


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