Summary of The Obesity Code

Summary of The Obesity Code, a summary Copyright by FastReads of The Obesity Code, Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss by Jason Fung, M.D.

The book is quoted to be “an unofficial summary for educational purposes and is not intended as a substitute or replacement for The Obesity Code.” It consists of 6 Parts covering in order: How Obesity became an Epidemic; The Calorie Deception; A New Model of Obesity; The Social Phenomenon; What’s Wrong with Our Diet; The Solution. Each part, and sub-part have “Key Takeaways” – a short sentence or two as ‘summary’ ideas to retain from the material presented. Individual subjects touched upon variously in the part/sub-sections include: the exercise myth; overeating paradox; the part played by insulin, cortisol, fructose, carbohydrates, fiber, fats, etc.; diets; social factors; a brief solution with respect to what and when to eat.      The objective of the book has been reached, although the amount of education derived from the purported “for educational purposes” is questionable. Regrettably, in this reader’s opinion, the value of what has been presented is highly suspect except as a summary set forth to whet a prospective reader’s appetite (selection of word intended) to read the original book.

3* 4* Objective reached, but limited “educational value; help for aid seeker 2* or less

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