The Backwards K

The Backwards K ISBN: 9780999387245, Mindstir Media, a fictional memoire in e-book by J. J. Hebert.

Jet Brine is a retired Red Sox baseball player notable as a slugger who, although largely responsible for the team’s arrival to participate in the World Series, is much remembered by many as the man who lost the series by leaving the bat on his shoulder and not even swinging on the third strike pitch to end game 7, leaving a runner on base with the score 0-2. He now is living an almost hand-to-mouth existence selling memorabilia. His present circumstances arise from the fact that his addiction to gambling (slot machines) plus his dedication during his playing days to becoming a home-run-hitter is associated with the death of his wife and alienation from his son, both of which he belatedly realizes he loved but never demonstrated. The story continues as this grieving repentant is provided with opportunities but continues to strike out until he is befriended by a man whom he meets after following a suggestion to participate in gambler anonymous meetings. Still another shattering experience make him decide to take one more swing to see if he can’t erase all of the past failures.

This is a poignant tale of addiction, repentance and another chance at redemption that is well-written with believable characters. It is a book that readers of stories in this vein will greatly enjoy and appreciate.

5* Well-written poignant tale of addiction, remorse and a chance at redemption

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