The Fallen

The Fallen ISBN: 9780008222383, HarperCollins UK e-book, a DCI Matilda Darke short story by Michael Wood.

Plot: Iain Kilbride, one of Andrea Barnes drivers, had not shown for his route again and she was determined to fire him personally. Notably an impatient person, she drives to his address where she is shocked to find him dead. The police are notified and Matilda Darke, wife of award-winning architect James, is called to investigate. She, as the newly appointed Detective Chief Inspector, gathers her team and they commence to attempt to unravel the case that has several unusual features. Iain’s flat was entered through a broken window and he was struck a killing blow on the head by an unknown assailant who took nothing from the scene even though he had top-of-the-line computers; investigation produced the fact that he was in miserable physical condition; he was a well-known TV Soap Opera star in the 80’s-90’s whose part was eliminated; he was not a sufficiently good enough actor to obtain more than a couple of other small parts; he had had a wife and daughter but was divorced; he was a heavy drinker/smoker, and a loner who spoke to no one. Matilda and her team gradually follow the leads while at the same time she must deal with constant annoyance from the fact that since her husband has decided to rebuild their house they are living temporarily in an older model trailer AND a considerable amount of hate and lack of corporation from Ben Hales, another DI over whom she was chosen for her present position. The story moves to an unanticipated and unusual conclusion.

Conclusion: A short mystery story that most readers will find interesting. The end is unusual, unanticipated and the final action probably thought provoking for many.

5* Short mystery with unusual ending, thought provoking for many. (Interesting particularly after reading  A Killer’s Grace.)

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