The Fearless Socialpreneur

The Fearless Socialpreneur ISBN: 9781946623033, ForbesBooks, an e-book by Dr. Bob Douk.

This book provides first a detailed enumeration of the author’s extensive list of credits, followed by Acknowledgements of help from individuals on several levels, Forwards again by other persons on several levels of importance businesswise (mostly an extension of material offered by the others before the book itself is begun). “A word from the author” then is set forth including his perhaps somewhat startling finalization of a belief in Jesus. Next, is an overall presentation of the substance of the book that is interspersed with descriptions of segments of his life from his birth in a labor camp during the Cambodian genocide of the late 1970’s. An Introduction explains his modus operandi interspersed with more biographical bits and pieces and how he shares his successes and failures with other successful entrepreneurs and offers aid to those with worthy ideas. Constant reference is made to switches between focus on health issues and those of a more personal nature and interchange of ideas with partners because “Each of us is a work in progress”. Emphasis is placed on the fact that all priorities must be straight and in order as “Socialpreneurs launch innovative enterprises that achieve not only financial returns but also social benefits.”

This rather lengthy introductory material, all individually titled in the Table of Contents (comprising slightly less than 1/5th of the book) is followed by an explanation that the actual book, consisting of “The 10 principles for business” is structured in two sections. The first, “The five Foundations (F’s)” of a Balanced Life. The second, “The five Principles (P’s)” of Business Success” are presented in this sequence because the author has discovered that business discussions more frequently than not, somehow move to include large sections of the other. Explanation/discussion of the five F’s follow with chapters entitled: “Faith in the Future; Family Foremost; Commitment; Fitness to Serve; Fellowship and Sharing.” Next, as stated, those relevant to business success are set forth with chapter titles: “Passion Within; Purpose to pursue; Plan of Action; PRIME time; Paying it forward.” These again are followed by a Conclusion entitled “Let’s get to work”, and an enumeration of “Our Services” that explains his company, what they do and how they function with others.

Discussion: The first noticeable feature of this book are the publisher’s opening statements that include unusual but pertinent material: 1) a statement proudly proclaiming to be part of the Tree Neutral program that “takes proactive steps’ to plant replacement for the number of trees consumed in the production and printing of this book” and 2) their mission (since 1917) to be “Global Champions of Entrepreneurial Capitalism” and to “further that aim by bringing the Stories, Passion, and Knowledge of top thought leaders to the forefront.”

The author’s presentation itself is by a man well versed and highly regarded as an accomplished entrepreneur and considered by contributors, as well as the publisher, to have provided a ‘must read’ for anyone interested in such endeavors. The principles set forth certainly seem applicable to business success and definitely are fundamental to creating a well-balanced faith-based life. Further, and perhaps more particularly important, is the story of an immigrant and his family who have demonstrated the courage and fortitude to prosper while engaging in fundamental activity to reach successful entrepreneurial goals while creating a well-balanced faith-based life committed to help others as well. In closing is a brief description of the temple of Angkor Wat that speaks of another era of the grandeur of the Khymer Empire and another prominent 200 foot monument containing human skulls situated on one of the Khymer Rouge “Killing Fields” situated several miles from the capitol of Phnom Penh. This also is of another era, but “honors the fortitude of humanity”. His most important statement perhaps: “The most enduring memorial of all is to build diligently and fearlessly toward a better world. Such is the goal of social entrepreneurship” and he is “honored to count myself in that corps of fearless socialpreneuers.”

Summary: A well-written book for the targeted audience that contains numerous somewhat repetitive statements no doubt important to the many entrepreneurial authorities who believe strongly in the message provided. Readers less interested in entrepreneurial activity still will find the “Five Foundations (F’s) of a Balanced Life to be most thought provoking.

3*      5* for targeted audience; 3* worthwhile material included for others.



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