The Grumpface

The Grumpface, by B. C. R. Fegan, Illustrated by D. Frongia is a delightful children’s story provided in rhyme.

Plot: Daffy Dan is a young man wishing to obtain a rose for the lovely Bela who sells flowers across from his shop. (She never has seen one as they do not grow in her land.) He travels from “the Village of Ha into the Forest of Ho” to find one. Here in its darkest magical depths he encounters the grumpy gnome Grumpface who traps him and will release him only if he can provide answers to his riddles. Dan is an inventor and thus imaginative. However he fails repeatedly and his clumsiness eventually causes a change even in old Grumpface and the story proceeds to a charmingly happy ending.

Discussion/Conclusion: The author has set forth an enchanting fairy tale demonstrating where the combined elements of bravery, hope, perseverance, honesty and absurdity can change grumpiness to giggles. A delightful story well-presented and nicely illustrated. A caveat from this reviewer’s viewpoint – the e-copy downloaded would seem to make me believe a hard (print) copy would have been even more enjoyable to read.

5* Enchanting children’s book with a small caveat.

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