The MECE Muse

The MECE Muse ISBN: 9780998673080 SDP Publishing, e-book edition by Christie Lindor.

The author quite exhaustively has examined the entire range of philosophical, psychological and practical activities entailed in pursuing and establishing a successful career in Consulting. A career that she describes as one that must be lived “in a constant state of Adaptive Execution in order to survive and thrive in the performance”. Her sub-title accurately describes the content as containing “100+ Selected Practices, Unwritten Rules and Habits of Great Consultants”, all of which are copiously supplied. Perhaps even more importantly is the manner of presentation. Following a preface that explains her reason for writing, her Introduction sets the Context on Consulting Basics. Then, the material is provided in 3 sections: 1. The Mindset of Great Consultants that contains 8 chapters of their basic concepts and actions; 2. Performance and Conditioning of Great Consultants with 10 exploratory and explanatory sections; 3. Reflections of a Consulting Career with 5 thoughtfully composed chapters. Then follows: a Conclusion (MECE muse Manifesto of Great Consultants); very interesting Acknowledgements; an Appendix A: Consultant Toolkit Starter Pack and Appendix B that provides a recap Summary of 100+ Selected Practices, Unwritten Rules, and Habits by Chapter.

Upon reading this book, one is immediately struck with it’s highly enlightening title. The term MECE translates into The Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive and Muse, of course, is “a woman who is the inspiration for a creative artist.” Thus we have the story by the author who was ‘inspired’ to set forth her personal journey as it gradually developed and matured to production of a substantive and satisfying career. It is a tale of accomplishments, frustrations, changes of thought patterns and extensive and never-ending research. The author has emphasized throughout her presentation the importance of simple politeness, honesty, integrity, consideration for others and has stressed the importance of being able to equate with others and of being able to be a ‘team player’ as well as perhaps the most basic need – an ability to build a situation of ‘trust’. For specific emphasis, each chapter, as well as including the author’s comments, feature’s relevant activity of a noteworthy successful consultant through ‘an interview’ and their reaction to specific situation(s). A considerable amount of the material is repetitive, but often verbalized differently and/or applicable to a somewhat different situation and/or circumstances. Thus, making it more acceptable in this somewhat ruminative presentation.

Conclusion: Undoubtedly a gem for the would-be and/or newly conceived consultant or even perhaps for the more mature who is having ‘second thoughts’. Interesting material, but perhaps a little ‘heavy’ for other readers.

4* 5* for listed audience; 3* interesting but ‘heavy’ for other readers.

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