The Mortal Falls

The Mortal Falls ISBM: 9781934631898, Undercover Elementals, Book One, Jacobsville Books, a romance/paranormal/fantasy by Anna Durand.

Lindsey Porter, a 32-year-old virgin former paralegal in Texas now resides and works in a rock shop in Michigan’s way northern peninsula after killing her fiancé. The shop’s terrain also contains a “Healing Vortex” that reputedly has mystical powers associated with its name. She approaches the area, hears a voice, discovers a dead man, sees a seemingly naked figure running toward a nearby falls and proceeds to encounter a beautiful ‘hunk’ wearing only a loin cloth. From this point the story evolves into a strange relationship between Lindsey and this strange man who is a sylph, his evil King of a parallel world who would like to conquer this one, as well, a disgruntled Leprechaun, elves, fairies, shapeshifters, her gun toting ‘hippie’ family and a former Texas Sheriff, now the local law in this part of Michigan.

Discussion: A bit of confusion about the author of this book exists for this reviewer. The copyright page lists THE MORTAL FALLS as copyright by Lisa A. Shiel, 2017. According to available information: “Lisa researches and writes about everything strange, from Bigfoot and UFOs to alternative history and science and has authored a book of “Tales of the Upper Michigan Peninsula”. Anna Durand is this book’s listed author and she is set forth as the award-winning and bestselling author of sizzling romances with “spunky heroines and hunky heroes” cavorting in “the sexy worlds she creates”. Thus, this reviewer’s (possibly totally incorrect) assumption with respect to the tale: A story based on an old tale, adapted and expanded into a paranormal romance.

Conclusion: If a story of the paranormal between the characters described with added inter-association/action between members of the two parallel worlds and repetitious titillating activity is within your sphere of interest, this book is for you. For others, a plausibly interesting plot has not been fully implemented.

3* 4* for those of a specific mind set; 3-2* for others, reasons as listed.

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