The New Era of Fitness

The New Era  of Fitness, an e-book by Chris and Eric Martinez purports to set forth “8 Proven Habits to Double your Strength, Sexiness, Energy, Health and Live a Well-Balanced Dynamic Lifestyle.

After the usual disclaimer for such books, the authors’ state: “Times have changed, everything will continue to evolve and the New Era of Fitness is here. It is up to you to adopt to it and evolve all around to better health, wealth, love and happiness.” The time when one could more rigidly adhere to a specific exercise routine has vanished, and wasn’t that perfect anyway. It is necessary that “The life style and mind set components need to be applied in order for you to get results, constantly progress, enjoy the process and create a long-term sustainable fitness journey around your life.” To proceed, eight components are suggested. One must be dynamic, then develop a relentless mind set and not, for fear of failure, give in to ‘the easy way’. Quoting Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Rules are meant to be broken, just don’t break the law.” Additionally one must develop a crystal clear vision, devise a plan and follow it. As Ben Franklin said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. One should begin with an attainable level and then gradually build upon it – “Decide, commit, act, experiment, be relentless, succeed, and repeat.” To attain your goal, development of habit patterns is a must – and again a quote “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going (Jim Rohn) and the authors provide a simple ‘habit loop’ to be followed. The neophyte also is instructed to “turn adversity into a blessing” with suggestions as to how to proceed provided. And above all the reader is informed that “the key to long-time sustainability of his/her chosen path is mastery of getting through periods of stress, fatigue, chaos, lack of motivation and unexpected events.” And by all means remember REF; be Realistic in setting your schedule/goals and be sure you remember that “fitness is not being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be”; Enjoyable – it must be if you wish to retain your plan; Flexibility to attain your goal when absorbing life’s vicissitudes, small and large. And to reiterate, build your entire plan on the four pillars of training – health, wealth, love and happiness. An entire chapter is included on proper dietary considerations.

Discussion: The authors have set forth an interesting ‘upgrade’ approach to physical conditioning that no doubt will have appeal to many of todays hassled and of necessity ‘multi-tasking’ individuals. There is considerable overlap in the presentation so it must be approached and considered in its entirety rather than by individual sections. Some may find difficulty with this approach, while for others it may be quite helpful. For both groups, specifics are quite abundant, interesting and applicable quotations are numerous, further ‘go to’ material is provided at the end of each chapter, and 48 specific references are provided at the end.

4* Interestingly presented aide to attainment of general fitness.

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