The President’s Man


The President’s Man (Aron Hardy Patriotic Action – Volume 1-30) Copyright Jason A. Burley, authored by Alex Ander.

The story follows the activities of Special Ops Marine Aron Hardy as he engages in another clandestine mission assumedly for the United States. To his utter dismay he discovers upon its completion and an ensuing catastrophic explosion that something is horribly amiss. His ensuing action along with that of extremely beautiful but equally tough Special FBI Agent Cruz, results in a situation where the two become emotionally involved. However, difficulties are encountered in extending the relationship because of restraints provided by the head of the FBI and the President of the United States. Regardless, individually and collectively more violently involved missions are undertaken.

Discussion: An unusual format with considerable repetition of descriptions resulting from it. There are 29 chapters in the first episode, Unsanctioned Patriot; 27 in American Influence; 18 in Deadly Assignment with a 19th “Surprise Chapter” and a Preview of “The London Operation. Generally speaking, this is a first rate patriotic thriller with a romantic side issue.

4* First rate patriotic thriller with a romantic side issue.

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