The Rock

The Rock ISBN: 9788592814793, published by Circlehouse in GB and US 2012, this edition, 2016, e-book Sullivan and Broderick Murder Mystery by Robert Daws.

Plot: Rising star London Detective Sergeant Tamara Sullivan, defies a direct order but because the action ended well she is reprimanded but not dismissed. Apropos usual procedure for such occurrences, she is redirected/reassigned to the constabulary on Gibraltar (the ROCK). Here her direct superior is Chief Inspector Broderick, an excellent detective but somewhat difficult to work with as a result of a heavy case load and personal problems. Sullivan works well with him however in the present situation where Jennifer Tavares, while walking home from delivering a speech of which her devoted husband Martin is immensely proud, tragically is killed by motorcycle mounted Officer Kevin Bryant in a chase gone bad. The circumstances exonerate Kevin, but Tavares says he was responsible and “hopes he dies”. Jen’s loving brother David, an employee of the local hospital, agrees with him. Kevin is discovered hanging shortly thereafter, followed by discovery of his fellow officer involved in the chase dead in a similar manner. These cases are Broderick’s along with one in which a boat repair operator dropped a large craft on his wife ‘by mistake’. If this is not enough, his partner Sullivan also becomes a near victim. Background for, and initiation factor from which the entire tale gradually evolves is a partially described incident that had happened in ‘The Captain’s House’ on Gibraltar in 1966. Bits and pieces gradually emerge as the story progresses and more individuals become involved in the action occurring in     the present century. Prominent among them are Chief Superintendent Harriet Massetti, her Sergeant Aldarino, young, cocky DC Calbot and the Rock’s pathologist, Professor Gerald Laytham. The story ends in an interesting manner that retains the reader’s interest to the end, even if the frequent mystery reader may ‘finger’ the killer somewhat earlier in the tale.

4* Interesting short mystery in attractive setting by an author of many apparent abilities.

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