The Scene

The Scene ISBN: 9780995792937 published, copyright and written by Mark Lakeram.

The plot begins as two boyhood acquaintances become mutually engaged in exploratory sexual activity for the first time while meeting on the continent where both families are on vacation. From this initiation, the story follows the two as they return to London and become immersed in the activities of, and with members of this alternative culture. The tale continues in a somewhat baffling manner involving some feminine acquaintances along with the community’s members pursuing their individual desires with repetitive sexual encounters and/or endless conversation with respect to it. The story is told from differing individual’s point of view in often fragmentary pieces and frequently is a bit confusing as to the identity of the individual.

Conclusion: An erotic alternative culture fictional tale that, from this reviewer’s perspective, requires considerable editing to provide any meaningful story, or even acceptably consistently readable book.

2* At best; Erotic alternative culture novel; under developed characters; poorly defined goals.

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