The Science of the Deal

The Science of the Deal ISBN: 9781946633781 ForbesBooks copyright and written by Shravan Parsi.

The book opens with the usual praise for the author’s credits and ability by several CEO’s and others of note; a Forward; A Word from the Author; eight chapters; About the Author; Our Services, which describe those offered by American Ventures LLC; 32 End Notes; About the Book, which again emphasizes “Learn a systematic approach to investing in commercial real estate and multifamily housing.” Chapter 1, describes his move “From Sideshow to Main Show”, from part-time investing to establishing a commercial real estate firm specializing in multifamily workforce housing; 2. Discusses the necessity of knowing your industry and how to use key performance indicators; 3.Assembling your team and talent while also building important qualities in yourself; 4. How to employ time and leverage to seize opportunity; 5. The potential offered by downsides (the things to look for and evaluate in a city/neighborhood); 6. Describes the need to ask ‘really good’ questions and delegate to experts; 7. The necessity for networking and ‘giving back’: creating a center of influence; 8. Up and Out: Stretching limits.

Discussion: Most chapter headings, as listed, are self-explanatory and describe and discuss the material listed. For the most part, they follow a relatively regular pathway to developing a thriving business in a sector of real estate not often discussed. Chapter 8 perhaps is of particular interest because of its concentration on technology and trends. The author evaluates technology and globalization and how it’s constantly changing aspects affect the United States, its inhabitants and its businesses. He further directs the discussion to the primary theme of this book and takes it from its simplest form (Craig’s List) to more advanced ({?} e.g. Airbnb, HomeAway that disrupted the short term rental industry, to investing (e.g. Crowdfunding, restrictions limiting banks, etc.) Much of the discussion is about how the author’s American Venture’s performed in extensive and highly profitable performances, their intent (and how) to extend globally and into strategic markets, and the need to follow demographic trends to diversity. Also discussed are trends in single-family homes, populations – Baby Boomers, Millennials, human longevity – and even real estate in space.

Summary: Overall look at a section of real estate seemingly seldom addressed. It is presented in a manner interesting to an outsider whose interests are eclectic and although heavily autobiographical, assumingly helpful for the targeted audience.

5* Appealing thoughts for newbies; assumed helpful for knowledgeable.

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