The Transitioners: The Purple Blues

The Transitioners: The Purple Blues IBSN: 9788494758490, Kwill Books, an e-book by Indigo Cox.

Misty, the protagonist is an extremely talented black/brown girl from Rocky Mount, North Carolina who has managed to be accepted into a PhD program at the prestigious Girard School of Music in New York City. She is in her last sessions before her thesis performance and must pass the course provided by obnoxious egocentric Professor Krinch who has an extreme anti non-white bias. She has managed to progress well in his class because she has been able to enroll and function well by transforming into white Cynthia and passing as a Russian exchange student. The story proceeds and revolves around how she manages to effect the change, ,her struggles with past and present ‘demons’, her intercourse with people that know her as Misty, those who know her as Cynthia as well as those who know and understand her in both roles. The tale further develops to explain how her true mission is to function to save ‘her people’ from the all-powerful destroyer Satin-like Sahizm with help from other ‘Transitioners’. The book ends by immediately introducing the reader to the first several pages of the next in what obviously will become a series of her adventures.

Discussion: The author explains in an Introduction: “Misty, the heroine of this book, battles hatred in all its forms. She is in many ways a lot like most of us girls who have been oppressed for years. She has many doubts initially about her own awesomeness, but when called on, her perseverance and resolve carry her into her greatness. Enslaved women and their descendants have been called on many times to be heroic, and many of us have risen to meet that challenge on multiple occasions. This is a story that has its roots in this legacy, the legacy of the many heroic women who have had to defend themselves and their children to survive.” Further that: “…Misty who like myself is a descendent of slaves. While Misty is a made-up superhero I derived from my own imagination, visiting the museum (African-American History) made me realize again, that we have had many heroes like Misty in our past. They are the reason why we still exist and thrive despite the hatred that unfortunately defines part of our history in this country but fortunately not all our hearts.”

Summary: These words directly from the author explain the book’s heavy fantasy basis that is essential, but also somewhat overrides a basically interesting plot that could be developed on its own. Regardless, if the reader is a devotee of fantasy and/or one with whom the author’s words appeal, this book is for you. A caveat is required with respect to the number of proofing errors, removal of which would greatly enhance the enjoyment, as would providing ‘breaks’ in the lengthy descriptive passages.

3* 4* for fantasy devotee and/or appeal of author’s words; 3* per caveats.

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