Thief in Law

Thief in Law, a thriller published/written in Kindle Edition by Michael Dirubio.

Plot: Michael Davidson is the head of a gang of thieves who specialize in high-end robberies with payouts that range from several million to hundreds of millions of dollars. The robberies are performed anywhere in the world and because of a need to dispose of stolen goods, they have used Feydor Slutskaya who also is in the employ of the extremely powerful and dangerous Demetry Roybokov, head of the Brava (Russian Mafia). Thus he also often dictates assignments to Michael as well as offering assistance on heists suggested by Michael and his longtime Irish friend and partner, Graeme Donniger. The story begins as a powerful blizzard closes JFK and a well-designed plan to steal 100 million dollars in diamonds is foiled. Feydor was to be the fence and Demetry, under pressure because of internal money problems is most unhappy with Michael who he has become to think of as his Thief in Law. Michael mollifies him with a new project to steal a multi-million dollar shipment of Diamonds and a project set forth by Graeme to rob a huge shipment of gold in Dubai. The preparations and execution of these thefts, along with side activity requested by Demetry for his personal financial ‘security’, and the unexpected appearance of a beautiful distraction to Michael’s need for complete concentration send the reader on a nail-biting journey throughout the world as the tale progresses to a most fascinating conclusion

Discussion: The author has provided one of the more interesting thrillers this reader has encountered in some time. The pace is rapid, the plot credible, planning details well described, supporting characters are interesting and empathetic, the amount of deceit, deception, subterfuge and betrayal is at a high level AND the author is most knowledgeable with respect to the environs in which the story takes place as well as being impressive in his apparent understanding of the intricacies of establishing shell companies as well as of the myriad steps required to maintain their viability without legal intervention.

Conclusion: A most enjoyable 5* thriller.


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