To Seduce an Assassin

To Seduce an Assassin, a fantasy, paranormal romance written and copyrighted, here in e-book format by Jayla Jasso.

Plot: Yavi and his twin brother Yajna are the emperors of Nandala with Yavi the functional head of state because he was first to emerge. They were able to overthrow Thakur, the villainous former ruler who had usurped the throne from their father. They both are valiant warriors and trained Assassins, and also exceptionally handsome and masculine. Yajna has been able to marry the beautiful Jiandra from the neighboring kingdom and enjoys a life of married bliss. Yavi, unfortunately had led a life of dalliance with young women until one of them had died in a manner to which he somehow felt he had contributed and he vows to live a life of celibacy. Now six years later, the country still is low on funds from the devastating manner in which it had been left by the former ruler plus the fact that the country seemed to be cursed by the length of period it suffers cold weather. It was impoverished further by the palace’s Master Chef, Terijan absconding with money that he gives to Uman, the inhuman son of Thakur who is planning a revolt. He is caught and hung, but is revived as a living ghoul to join Uman and the rest of his similarly conditioned followers. Graciella, the much younger sister of Jiandra is brought to the castle to visit, is a superb cook, and gladly assumes the Master Chef’s duties. Grace also has been in love with Yavi since she met him at her sister’s wedding at fourteen. From this intriguing background the story unfolds as she tries now as a twenty year old beauty to make the thirty-year-old Emperor understand she no longer is a child and that it is about time for him to give up his vow. The tale also is replete with fantasy and the occult where the villains cannot be killed, except for discovery late of a weapon that can be helpful; a special magical gem given to Jiandra that keeps her safe from harm and also gives her the ability to heal wounds/disease; a troubled brother of Jiandra and Grace who resides in a monastery but upon occasion assumes a persona of another world. The story further provides ample battle as well as sexual activity to an interesting conclusion.

Discussion: The author has given the reader of romantic novels a book they really can enjoy, especially if they also like a little of the ‘unreal’. The males are handsome, valiant warriors with all their proper musculature and abilities; the women exceptionally beautiful; intertwining sub-plots; acceptable action battle scenes; fantasy/occult additions, and sexual activity that is explicit but well done so as to be accepted as the expected results of steadily advancing romantic attraction rather than as simple eroticism.

5* For romance afficanados.

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