Unbarred Innovation

Unbarred Innovation
A pathway to Greatest Discoveries ISBN: 9781523863983 is a motivational e-book by Mayur Ramgir.

The author believes in “Changing the world with powerful words.” He envisions a world with no incurable diseases, people without disabilities and a planet without disasters, all achieved through effective use and development of technology; e.g. “advanced nanotechnology, sonic speed and smarter genetic engineering,” He once read “everything a human mind can imagine is what the human can achieve.” Thus, the only thing standing in the way are self-imposed barriers to these accomplishments and: “With this book and Zonopact Innovation Lab, I want to bring down all such barriers.” He quotes Theodore Levitt’s statement “Creativity is thinking up new things; innovation is doing new things.” and states that his intent is to “diffuse the idea that only a few can be innovative.” To become a creative/innovative individual he stresses the need for intensive introspection to develop self-esteem, self-reliance, focus, discipline, ability to overcome adversity, and to gain an ability to think ‘outside-the-box’, to overcome any knowledge gap, avoid provinciality in thinking and action and to interexchange conversations, beliefs and knowledge with persons in different disciplines. All of these activities will lead to acquisition of new perspectives so as to become one of those innovators similar to the large number of exemplary individuals he references and quotes.

Discussion: The thrust of this presentation appears to have a dual purpose; 1) to offer, and describe how to attain, the basic levels of thought/activity required to become an innovative individual and 2) to present “Zonepact Innovation Lab – A social networking tool allowing individuals to connect whether within or outside their fields of interest” and CLINTRA – “A one step platform to faster innovation within your organization” (software). This book is another in the seemingly increasing number of ‘how-to’ books but for a different, somewhat more highly educated level of individuals. For this reason a subtle sense of underlying naivety seems strange. The presentation is a little repetitive, seemingly as provided by lecturers who often use this technique for emphasis. Elimination would in this reviewer’s opinion strengthen the presentation.

Conclusion: Viable suggestions for those desirous of higher achievement.

4* Viable suggestions for those desirous of higher achievement.


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