Verdunmull is Book 1 of The Ikalreev Prophecies apparently published, copyright and written by Jared A. Zakrin.

A prologue opens the story with quotes from the Ikalreev prophecies which “predict a future grim and terrible, a glimpse of a dying epoch. We the Ikalreev write this script in an attempt to save the mortals of our distant future.” The story then unfolds with each chapter beginning with a quote from these prophecies followed by an unfolding of what occurs apropos its presented description. They range from 1:1 “At the precipice, angels will fall” to the last quite lengthy prediction (Chapter 24, “The First Seal 16:40-44. The power to stem the darkness will lie within the five mages…” and continues to tell what will happen should they fail. With conclusion of the activity pertaining to these prophecies, the storyline states: “To be continued” with prophecy 17:1-2 stating “Cometh chaos. Peace be forgotten?” which prepares the reader for the next volume in the series.

Discussion: Rather concise details of the story are succinctly offered in the prologue and the succeeding chapters introduce a relatively sizable number of characters of greater and lesser importance. The apparent lead is a human-like individual suffering from amnesia who was discovered wandering aimlessly by two elfin scouts who adopted him. He joins to help them and other members of the community as they are forced to fight an invading horde of weird creatures who are just one of many strange enemies successively encountered throughout the tale. His heroic activities lead to his appointment as Commander of a group who are dispatched by the King that furthers development of the story line. Devotees of tales of fantasy will be delighted with the large number of dragons, elves, dwarfs, variously formed monsters, disappearing and other strangely designed creatures and their ability to use magic to cause hurricane-like winds, develop and hurl fire balls and more, along with the inability of many to be killed.

5* Well-written fantasy for devotees of fantasy.

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