VOIDSTALKER, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. A sci-fi thriller e-book Copyright and authored by John Graham.

Gabriel Thorn has a very good marriage to Aster and is the father of their four young children. They live well in an ‘upper level’ of Asgard City, a modern megacity of 80 million people where the lower levels house the manufacturing and commercial endeavors and the poorer workers. Aster is originally a colonial who has gained a Doctorate in engineering and is employed as a project director at Jupiter’s Engineering Company. Gabriel is a Colonel signed into a life-time extremely dangerous job as a Voidstalker – a man sent on interstellar missions to find and correct all manner of malfeasance by apprehension and/or elimination of the perpetrators. His boss is the all-powerful Director-General of Naval Intelligence, Red-Eye, so called because one of her eyes has been replaced by a specially designed ‘eye’ that is red in color and is an electronic instrument. He is called from home to her office where he is assigned to discover what has happened to J. E. Company’s group that disappeared while attempting the same activity. There also is concern that the company is working in a clandestine manner on some illegal project in this distant frontier post. In an unusual manner he also is assigned a small team to accompany him. The plot further is complicated by the fact that Gabe’s mother, Madam Jezebel Thorn, not only is a member of the elite, but also is a sociopath who has gained much of her wealth as a ruthless colonial venture capital provider of seed money for frontier outposts and squeezing them afterward for all they are worth. One of these companies is J.E. Engineering. Neither Gabriel nor Aster like the woman. The story proceeds as Gabriel and his team encounter and must fight strange individuals with even more advanced technology than they possess, and Aster encounters problems at home because of her position of importance in J. E, Engineering.

There are a number of slightly annoying proofing errors but generally speaking the author has provided a fast-moving, sci-fi thriller that aficionados of the genre should thoroughly enjoy,

5* Fast paced sci-fi thriller most aficionados will enjoy.

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