War of the Orchs

War of the Orchs, is a fantasy in e-book, copyright, written and published by Brent Reilly via KDP.

The Orcs were a race of monstrously huge carnivorous individuals who decided to wipe out “the scourge of man.” The story tells of their attempt as it is frustrated by the efforts of a young girl warrior princess who, while trying to unite the rest of the world to attempt to stop them, also is frustrated by the dissenting individuals who are all too willing to interfere. The tale is replete with unusual characters – pirates with a pirate king, Elves, their territory and their flying eagles, Trolls, Dwarfs. Giants and humans. There are repeated engagements in active warfare and other activity – associated and not.

Discussion: The author has written a book that this reviewer finds difficult to categorize. The story first appears to have targeted an audience of young readers, but much of the verbalization level and activity seems to indicate otherwise. It is highly imaginative, well-written, fast paced and occasionally amusing with a precocious child and an intelligent grandmother as stalwart protagonists in a tale of fantasy many devotees of the genre will enjoy. Unfortunately, at least for this reader, the scene never really left the present world to enter that magical ‘other one’.

3* Well written imaginative tale many devotees will enjoy; fantasyland never reached for this reader.

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