We Run Bad

We Run Bad ISBN: 9781732411203, Okie Doke Book Publishing, an e-book copyright and written by John Curry.

Plot: The protagonist, gambling on making it big on a belief that a dilapidated section of Philadelphia was about to be the next real estate ‘boom’ area, loses heavily when the economic recession begins in 2007 (referred to as the recession of 2008 and lasting roughly for two years with only gradual recovery thereafter). He abandons the house with the idea of recovering his fortunes by gambling in Atlantic City. Here, either because he is an inadequate poker player, because he is incessantly spaced out on drugs and alcohol, or perhaps both, he again fails. He is offered an opportunity to regain his lost money and actually augment it by running an illegal poker game in New York City. In these illegal ‘underground’ games, run surreptitiously in private apartments and/or condominiums, the house takes such a large percentage of each pot that the house actually is the only winner. He accepts, is ‘busted’ a couple of times but released by the group’s lawyer and is making money at a fast pace. Luckily, he avoids an extensive law operation and the story continues depicting his continuing self-defeating activities.

Discussion: The author has set forth a dark tale, in a quite extensively descriptive manner, the activities of an inveterate gambler who has no control in spite of experiencing a ‘bad run’ that he only extends and expands with constant drugs, alcohol, sex, and other abominable life and living conditions. His descriptions include some activities that certain readers may accept as humorous. Regrettably, this reader finds them to portray action more in accord with a pitiful inability to equate with the mores of society, a society that certainly is grossly deficient in a host of ways. However, it is the only one we presently have and large masses of people do require some basic rules to avoid complete chaos until change hopefully can be initiated.

Conclusion: A highly descriptive tale ostensibly following the down trending life of a foul-mouthed, drug and alcohol junkie, inveterate gambler with an underlying commentary on the conditions of the mores of today’s society. Actually, an unpleasant read.

3* 4* For commentary on today’s society; 2* or less for presentation.

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