Where Do They Go

Where Do They Go, Part 1
ISBN numbers for hard copy only), Tellwell Talent, a children’s book in e-form by Barry Donaldson.
This is a very short introductory book in which Mrs. Williams once again discovers one lone sock among the pairs in her washing machine. She charges her small son and daughter to not lose any more socks. The tale ensues with their activity in attempting to comply. As children’s books go, it appears to be a most satisfactory beginning. It is appropriately and well-written and the pictures should bring the children into the story. The only question arising for this reviewer, is if there is enough of the tale in this first part of the story as presented. Readers’ reaction obviously will determine the answer and certainly can be far better judged by those who have small children available with which to share.

3* Well-written but acceptance depending upon brevity.

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